The Gender Agenda: Can’t We just Be Different?

The Gender Agenda: Can’t We just Be Different?

Written and performed by
Anthony Curry and Carrie Gibson

Directed by John Vreeke

The Play and Workshop:
The Gender Agenda: Can’t We Just be Different has been created from the words of twelve individuals from corporate, military and educational settings. The Gender Agenda exposes the current and sometimes subtle forms of bias that affect the productivity and culture of the workplace. The goal of the play is to create a dialogue that will challenge and expand perceptions of leadership and management qualities, and address the subtle forms of sexual harassment and micro-inequities people of both genders experience. The audience will be invited to actively empathize with the men and women in the play in order to create a more humanistic and productive culture at work and in the community.

The Objectives:

  • Expand the concept of leadership
  • To distinguish between the negative impact of stereotyping and the acceptance of differences in a way that expands rather than limits productivity
  • To assist employers in changing attitudes and behaviors that  lead to sexual harassment
  • To perceive gender differences as assets rather than liabilities

The following people were interviewed for the play:

Amanda Collins Lourdes E. Alvarado-Ramos
Daniel* Richard*
A Doug Harris Stephanie Santos Gray
Nisa * Tory*
Jasmine* Joe Thomas
Justine Fedak Sgt Tina Montgomery
Frank* Ralph*
Anonymous Airport Travelers

* connotes people who were not comfortable disclosing their real names