Had to Be Productions

“They magically take their words and create a performance that allows us to step into the shoes of real people and come out feeling their experiences in our gut, in our soul. Watching Carrie and Tony perform is empathy on steroids. Thank you.”--Jerry Bunce, Faculty, Bellevue College
“Had To Be Productions not only entertains and entices undivided focus, but it also delivers a series of messages throughout the production which have a unique impact on each audience member. The spectator is compelled to ask of themselves questions previously thought to be explained. Had To Be Productions leaves a lasting impression on the audience, making it a very worthwhile experience.”--Angela Hughes, Program Coordinator Office of Special Services Shoreline
Community College
"The plays are amazing. I have not seen anything as effective."--Mark Simpson, President, Aerospace Professional Staff Association
“Thanks for taking on the subject matters you do, and bringing understanding and compassion to people.”--Lt. Col. Michaela Payton, Washington State National Guard
“This production company does an amazing job of embodying different experiences and perspectives and sharing emotions and feelings – making the audience keenly aware that we are all human and can relate to each other. We have more in common than we think!”--Staff Member, Clark College Training


Not Until You Know My Story

“A huge explosion of humanity on stage. I felt, at once, the courage and the pain of where we have been and how far we still have to go.”--Ellen Deering Wallan, Human Resources, Hewlett Packard
"This workshop was powerful … In the 17 years I have been with our group I have never seen us go this deeply personal before."--Al Souma, M.A., Director Disability Support Services , Seattle Central Community College
“Thank you for your powerful work with our Wells Fargo teammates in Des Moines this week. There is a very exciting buzz here!!!”--David M. Furman, Wells Fargo Home and Consumer Finance Group
“Through the magic of theatre, we were able to see what we thought we already knew with a new set of eyes, allowing us to contemplate the issues of race, gender, ethnicity, and disability in a way that is striking and refreshing. Carrie and Tony are two extraordinarily talented individuals who have found a way to make a significant contribution to society by performing, teaching, and reaching out so that we can all question our assumptions and try to live in a more compassionate world.”--Rosa Lundborg, M.Ed., Manager, Office of Special Services, University of Washington Bothell
“Thank You for the best diversity forum I've been to in my 10 years at Wells Fargo.”--J.P. Martindale, Finance Manager, Wells Fargo Debit Card & Global Remittance Services
“Your performance was excellent. What a creative, cutting-edge way to get such dynamic information out to our nation.”--Laurie Iwatake, Senior Graphic Designer, The Aerospace Corporation
“On behalf of the Diversity Council here at Wells Fargo, I would like to thank you for sharing your thought provoking experiences with us. The office is still buzzing with talk about your performance. Everyone is in agreement that this was the best event we have done yet.”--Sharon Harbarger, N.A .Cash Management , Wells Fargo Bank
“Thanks so much for the amazing play and riveting discussion afterwards! The fact that people wanted to continue is a testament to your ability to touch people. We had a number of people tell us how moved they were by the play. Clearly, thanks to you, we collectively have a much deeper understanding based on empathy.”--Yasmin Meralli , Vice President Diversity & Workplace Equity, BMO Financial Group
"The stories that you bring to life on stage are inspiring and your talent for engaging the audience and facilitating a deeper understanding of difference through active empathy through the Q&A discussion is enlightened and so valuable"--James Boren, Manager, Organizational Capability, PepsiCo Beverages


Not Just Ramps

“Both Ms. Gibson and Mr. Curry were extremely talented to the point where the audience was on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the next character enactment. I personally did not want the play to end. Each of us left the play thinking, “I have to be the one to change.” The play received a standing ovation that lasted longer than any of the other presentations at the 2008 NILG.”--Evelyn J. Miller, Manager, Human Resources, Raytheon
“Not Just Ramps is moving, powerful and impactful. Your work is provocative - I can't imagine how someone watching your performance could not come away changed by it.”--Anita B. Nygaard, SPHR, Sr. Consultant, Employer Services, HR Alternatives, Inc.
“I was tremendously impressed with Not Just Ramps. It was inspiring, telling, and very compelling. I've never seen anything quite like it: your performance resonated with both those who are in some way disabled, and those of us who are allegedly not. In a way, I realized how ‘disabled’ I have been, in the manner in which I have reacted to those who are simply different than I am. A bravo performance. You won some new fans, very much among whom is me.”--General James Clapper, Department of Defense
“You have enlightened California …You bring together your theatre talents, character studies and disability advocacy awareness to a ‘safe environment’ to educate us all. I hope to see you repeating Not Just Ramps for private and public industry and the educational system throughout our great state.”--Pam Porteous-Hunt, Program Specialist for California Governor’s Committee for Employment of Disabled Persons
“You did a fantastic job, and I found myself furiously jotting down notes and key points. It was a beautiful performance! “--Karen Methot-Chun, Sr. HR Compliance Analyst, Symantec Corporation



Into The Fire

“It was my absolute honor to recognize you both with a Commander’s coin for excellence. The work you two are doing to help our nation heal, and to understand the psychological impact that war has on those that wear the cloth of our nation to support the freedom we enjoy as Americans is more than deserving of the highest recognition. I have been talking about your work to others as I am so impressed and believe the power of your work will touch the lives of Americans in ways we may not fully understand.”--Major General Patricia Horoho, Commander, Western Region Medical Command
“The play is stunning. It is powerful, poignant, and truthful. I have been working with returning veterans for a long time. If you care enough about the men and women who have served our country, who are our colleagues, students, friends, spouses, and children, please find the courage to see Into the Fire. We owe it to them to try and understand. You have created a piece of art like no other. You know that art is successful when it is able to bring out emotions and responses in others, and that you have done beautifully.”--Rosa Lundborg, M.Ed., Director of Disability Support, Veterans, & International Student Services, University of Washington-Bothell
“Into the Fire will bring you on an emotional journey into the reality of veterans experiences. Based on true life testimonials this 2 person play will leave you with information that will serve you well as you work with veterans.”--Al Souma, M.A., Director of Disability Support Services, Seattle Central Community College
“If that doesn’t light your fire then your wood is wet.”--John Lee, Director, Washington State VA
“If you are involved in helping veterans on a college campus, this is mandatory viewing! Their lives and yours will be changed forever just by spending 55 minutes to listen and understand their stories! Tony and Carrie, keep on keepin' on! Your stories heal souls!”--Thomas Kirwin Prigmore, Veteran, United States Air Force
“Thanks so much to both of you for a wonderful play and an amazing performance. Everyone I spoke with was deeply moved by your meticulous research & interviews, and your poignant portrayal of what our brave wounded warriors face upon returning home. You made us all realize the important role each of us plays in welcoming them home with understanding and respect. You are performing an amazing service for our veterans, families, friends, coworkers and our nation.”--Joseph A. Strada, Captain, USN (Retired) and Vietnam Veteran, Aerospace Corporation
“The play was fantastic, as were the actors’ performances. Into The Fire is not only an entertaining piece that will captivate anyone who is lucky enough to see it, but the message it represents is universal and effects us all. Next time Curry and Gibson come to town, it is definitely worth the trip to the theater, you will not regret it.”--Jon Reino, Reviewer, The MontClarion, Montclair State University.
"Spot-On was the consistent comment from the doubters and those that were concerned with the money spent. Never was there one single regret after the performance. You and Tony did the work and accomplished what we could NOT have done with so-called experts and power point slides. We need to find a way to get this message out on a nationwide basis.”--Ray Switzer, Program Manager, Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs
“It helped me put in context a number of things I have experienced since my return from Vietnam over forty years ago. Thanks again.”--Veteran and Employee, Jet Propulsion Laboratory-NASA
"I'm a Navy reservist who attended the Returning Warrior Workshop this past weekend in Bellevue, WA. First I would like to say that the performance that you and Tony gave was absolutely amazing. It was a great way to kick off our weekend, and it was the talk of everyone at the workshop for the entire weekend. I really hope that every returning warrior gets an opportunity to see this performance."--CJ Johnson, US Navy - Intelligence Specialist, Second Class Iraq War Veteran
"You guys are the best; evaluations were all positive and attendees found your play very powerful, provocative, and many indentified themselves with the interviews and admitted they to felt or thought the same way...I'm sure it is liberating for them to now convincingly seek assistance. They related to your presentation. We were running a risk, but...I had faith, it was so worth it, never expected such over the top results, though, thank YOU so very much!"--Miller, Cynthia D. CIV NRNW RCC, N003
“Thank you both for an enlightening and moving play. You two are amazing and so inspiring!! The feedback was very positive and we can't wait to have you back at Amgen again.”--Renate Alting-Joebstl, Diversity & Inclusion - Learning and Development, Amgen
“Your performance was both intensely personal and compelling. Truly, your production was a touching snapshot of our soldiers' plight.”--Amanda Murphy, Student, Northern Kentucky University


Because You Know Me

“The raw emotion from the experience of watching Because You Know Me allowed me to re-engage and get back into the fight.”--Julie Doss, Ventura County Courts
“Wow, you have created a masterpiece in your outstanding production of Because You Know Me. Thank you for the amazing attention to inclusion demonstrated throughout the production. I have not begun to fully process the power and the impact of your performance.”--Bill Hertan, OD Consultant, Diversity and Inclusion
“My heartfelt thank you for doing such a powerful performance that touched so many of our guests. Your work was amazing, and our Executive Sponsor was so moved by it, that she has given us the green light to bring you up to Canada to perform. The most impactful message that I got from it was that we still have a long way to go in the struggle for equality – but that we have gained two allies to deliver the message on so many levels that can reach even the more closed-minded individuals.”--David E. Martin, Vice President, Bank Manager, Harris Bank, N.A.
“Because You Know Me has made me realize that I need to ensure that everyday I bring my entire self to work, in the hopes that one day, it will not have to be a decision that someone has to make, but rather just another part of who they are. I don’t remember the last time I felt so emotional about my community, my work place, or myself.”--Matthew Hartz , Special Assets Management Unit, Harris Bank, N.A.
“If you are seeking an engaging, non-threatening and meaningful way to have conversation in the workplace regarding LGBT’s, I highly recommend this play. The words in the play are 100% comments provided to the actors via interviews. I thought Because You Know Me and both of you were phenomenal.”--Karen Brown, Baxter Communications
“You and Tony are incredibly talented and what you have delivered will change lives.”--Marjorie Paddock, Director - Diversity and Workplace Equity, Harris Bank, N.A.


Crossing the Bridge: The Missing Link in the Dialogue about Difference

“Crossing the Bridge is a wonderful, very brave book and one that is much needed. I like the immediacy of Ms. Gibson voice, and her courage in being willing to put herself out there, to exemplify rather than talk. This is a book which helps us take responsibility for the history we have inherited and enables us to participate in the creation of a new history.”--Julius Lester, Author and Professor, University of Massachusetts
“A wonderful primer in the practice and possibilities of that hardest-to-use tool in the suite of human interactions: empathy. Carrie Gibson’s approach is all the more effective for being intimate, honest and self-revealing.”--Ted Conover, Pulitzer nominated Author of New Jack, Coyotes, The Routes of Man
“Carrie Gibson invites us into the heart and mind of a white woman whose journey to understand her individual and institutional privilege is both inspiring and thought-provoking. Her willingness to confess her challenges in this journey, as well as her ability to articulate tangible steps towards becoming an empathetic and active ally in anti-oppression work, creates a framework that is both hopeful and constructive. Ms. Gibson shows us how to use our imagination to build bridges of authentic, cross-cultural understanding.”--Tilman Smith, Co-Founder of White Women Against Racism
“I just finished reading Crossing the Bridge. Thanks for writing the book and including your personal experiences. It is a great follow-up to the play. I enjoyed the added details about the personalities that formed the characters. I am circulating the book among the faculty. I hope it will keep the dialog rolling on the diversity topic.”--Claudia Angus, Ph.D., Coordinator of Disability Support Service, Walla Walla Community College
“If you are involved in helping veterans on a college campus, this is mandatory viewing! Their lives and yours will be changed forever just by spending 55 minutes to listen and understand their stories! Tony and Carrie, keep on keepin' on! Your stories heal souls!”--Thomas Kirwin Prigmore, Veteran, United States Air Force